Channel Letters

iSigns First consistently meets and exceeds clientele’s expectations regarding all of their channel sign work orders. In essence, channel signs consist of illuminated storefront signs with lighted letters. The channel letters are individually illuminated letters or graphics mounted individually to a building or office facade. From indoor shopping mall locations to exterior storefront identification, channel letters are one of the preeminent methods of driving attention to you business’ operations.

The construction of channel letter signs comprises of U-shaped channels manufactured out of aluminum metal, which iSigns First uses exclusively in the production of their channel letters. Though oftentimes more costly than steel, aluminum offers a host of other benefits that steel cannot including rust resistance, which will also prevent staining on the facade walls of a business as well.

Following the manufacturing of a channel letter sign, custom-blown neon glass is installed onto the fixtures, which oftentimes are accompanied by colored letter face attached to the forefront of the letter. Each letter is then properly wired to a transformer located in the raceway or remotely, behind the wall, depending on mounting method selected.

Our in-house representatives are experts in the channel letter process and will gladly assist companies in ascertaining their needs and desires when it comes to channel letter signs. Likewise, a continued care in the form of a one year warranty for all signs produced by iSigns First is standard with all sign purchases.